I coach venture-backed CEOs and executives, founding teams, small business owners, and senior leaders at late-stage and public companies.

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You’re on the precipice of change. You know something needs to shift -- your role, your org, your relationships, your focus, your skills, your wellbeing – to perform at a higher level, a level to which you’re being called by your company or your internal compass. Our work together will help you approach change with clarity, build capacity to operate with more skill and confidence, and achieve personal and professional breakthroughs along the way.

Areas of Focus

Coaching to develop your skills, mindset, and capacity for what’s next:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Be decisive in the face of uncertainty
  • Uncover and quiet limiting beliefs
  • Lead and work with more presence and flow
  • Prevent or recover from burn out
  • Develop new habits, break old ones

Coaching to enhance interpersonal effectiveness and awareness:

  • Communicate clearly and authentically
  • Delegate effectively
  • Strengthen key relationships
  • Create a culture of psychological safety & risk taking
  • Resolve interpersonal challenges

Coaching to tackle complex org-level issues:

  • People ops
  • Fundraising
  • Strategy
  • M&A
  • Contracts & negotiation
  • Corporate finance
  • Business development


Lasting change comes when you challenge the status quo of who you’ve been and how you operate, and begin to take small, deliberate steps toward who you want to be and where you want to go. To get there, we’ll design and execute a custom game plan that feels exciting and often a little scary. We’ll do this in 3-steps:


Develop greater self-awareness of who you are and where you want to go. Clarify your vision, values, goals, and challenges.


Commit to and experiment with taking action in big and small ways. Build new skills, develop new habits, and break free from old patterns.


Challenging and moving beyond your status quo can be hard. I create structures and provide support to make it easier to take deliberate action amidst discomfort.

In each session, we will: (1) Handle your most urgent issues: operational crises, interpersonal challenges, debilitating stress, tough decisions...all the while (2) Coalescing learning, building capacity, and supporting your development goals.

How it Works

  • 60min sessions by phone
  • Insights, action items, and resources emailed after each session
  • 2 scheduled sessions per month
  • 6-months to start
  • Available by email, phone, text between sessions

Tools and Influences

I was fortunate to meet David while going through an incredibly challenging period. I felt stuck and was having a hard time managing relationships with myself, friends, and my company. I was looking for more happiness, peace, and fulfillment, and needed someone I could trust to guide and support me through the transition into the person I wanted to become. David's method of distilling the most complicated scenarios into simple questions that garner deep introspection and self realization was critical in helping me develop. His honest and direct approach truly made me feel like he was listening in a way that I haven't experienced before. I can't thank David enough for impacting my life in such a positive way and for generating such incredible outcomes.

Justin, VP, mParticle