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I spent over six months searching for and talking to dozens of potential coaches prior to meeting David. He is a rare individual among his peers. His wealth of knowledge from being an operator himself, practical frameworks that can be applied to my business - and personal - life, and willingness to help even outside our working hours truly sets him apart. I've seen measurable improvements in our business results, but far more importantly I've become a better listener, been able to be more vulnerable with my team, and wake up having far less stress about the direction of my business. What I love about David is he shows how everything is connected: work, personal life, and the small assumptions I make in my head everyday.

David, CEO, Apex Growth
David Acker

Hi, I’m David, a leadership coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am your trusted ally, partner, and guide, creating a space for honest self-reflection, delivering actionable feedback and guidance, and providing a kind, yet firm push to help you get to where you want to go. My coaching is informed by my deep experience as a founder and operator, and over 15 years of leading teams, building businesses, and creating successful partnerships.

I care about results and growth and working through the hard stuff that’s holding you back from achieving both. I love coaching, and find great meaning in it. I trust you’ll enjoy and find meaning in our time together, too.

About David

Coaching for leaders navigating complex transition

I coach venture-backed CEOs and executives, founding teams, small business owners, and senior leaders at late-stage and public companies. My clients are driven, high achievers on the precipice of change. They know something needs to shift -- their role, their org, their relationships, their focus, their skills, their wellbeing – to perform at a higher level, a level to which they are being called by their company or their internal compass. They want to be more effective at work and in life, experience more energy and flow, and have more fun in the process.

Our work together will focus on

Capacity Building

Coaching to develop your skills, mindset, and capacity for what’s next.


Coaching to enhance interpersonal effectiveness and awareness.


Coaching to tackle complex org-level issues.

My clients work at